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​Connecting Communities is an events coordinating company.
But we are so MUCH more then just planners...

we  like to think of our selves as coordinating extraordinaires since

we wear a lot of different hats, have lots of experience and know how
— in person and online —
to make any event a success!


Some of our skills: finding/booking venues, caterers, decorators, DJs, vendors,
creating displays, promo materials and favors to help make your event awesome.

Connecting Communities has helped create, organize, run, assist, promote and partner with companies, businesses and individuals for a multitude of events. Everything from themed kiddie birthday parties to Expos held at large event centers.

Some of our clients have included:

Chiropractic Lifestyles
District 20 PTA – Reflections

Divas Doing Business

Doula Assoc of CS

Health & Wellness Centers

Herbfest - Annual Fair

Hometown Hullabaloo

The Holistic Network Association

Spa & Salons

abundance fair for attendees.jpg

We believe everyone can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission

To connect people in our community!


We do this by assisting, creating, organizing events/happenings –
that bring people/businesses/services together.


We also spread the word through dynamic, strategic ad campaigns, social media and good old fashioned networking, too

Our Mission

Have an event that you's like the CS community to know about?

Let us know!

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